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Satellite in your RV are you tuned in?

Satellite television is a good choice for an RV.RV Satellite
Satellite service is very similar to a home system. The primary difference is in the antenna (dish). There are a variety of dishes available that will work. A basic “portable” dish provided by a service provider can work several ways. It can be attached to the RV with some type of a clamp or it can be mounted on a tripod. This type of dish must be manually aimed to find a satellite. There are many dishes made specifically for RV’s. There are manual crank up, electric pop up types, domed semi automatic, domed fully automatic, and domed fully automatic tracking dishes.

Wiring your RV is part of the satellite installation process. RG6 coaxial cable must be used. Most newer RV’s have RG6 already routed to the standard television antenna and many have a factory pre-wire installed for a satellite system. Older RV’s may have RG59 coaxial cable. This is an older style “smaller” coaxial cable that should not be used for satellite TV. Some satellite antennas use 12 volt DC wiring to run the electric motors. These 12 volt DC wires would need to be routed to the antenna. Routing wires can be difficult. Research the installation procedure prior to deciding on a system. Sometimes spending extra on the system will prevent a difficult or costly installation.

To make any satellite system work, you must have satellite service from a provider and a receiver with a valid card installed. RV’s are subject to special service rules. Some programs may not be available. To be certain you’ll be satisfied, I recommend getting the information on programming prior to deciding to purchase or install a system.

A manual crank up dish is mounted on the roof with a crank handle protruding through to the inside. The crank handle is used to raise and lower the dish and then rotate after the correct height is reached. They work similar to a standard crank up antenna. Sometimes finding the satellite with this type of dish can be difficult. There must be a clear view to the satellite. Trees can block the signal. It may be difficult to know whether the signal can get through or if it simply isn’t being aimed correctly. The same problem exists with using a portable dish.

An electric pop up dish uses an electric motor and a GPS to find a satellite. When parked and switched on, it will find the satellite and lock on. It is not enclosed and is subject to weather. One advantage to this type of antenna is a slightly larger dish than a domed dish.

A domed semi automatic dish uses an electric motor to move and rotate. The dome encloses the unit and protects the components from weather. There is a control to operate the antenna. The operator finds the coordinates for the satellite by looking at the zip code of their location. The coordinates can be input or the control can be put in to an automatic scan mode. This type of antenna works fairly well.

A domed fully automatic dish is similar to a semi automatic dish. The primary difference is a GPS unit. The GPS unit finds and locks on to the satellite automatically. This is easier then using a semi automatic antenna. It takes the “I’m not sure” factor out of finding a satellite.

A domed, tracking, fully automatic unit is the top of the line. These units will automatically find the satellite and move as you drive to keep the signal locked in. This makes watching TV while driving possible. Overhead obstructions such as bridges, tunnels, or trees may temporarily obstruct the signal.

There are a wide range of prices for antennas. They start at around $100 and can go as high as $3000.

My experience: I have tried many but not all of the satellite antenna brands. I have used all styles of satellite antennas. In my opinion, a basic portable dish will do the job. There are some issues with finding the satellite with any manual alignment dish. Tree interference tends to make the alignment even more difficult. You don’t know whether there is tree interference or another problem. Regardless of the cause, it is always the same result: no reception. Fully automatic antennas are very nice. I think the tracking dish is worth the extra money when buying a fully automatic. In my opinion, Trac Star makes the best satellite antenna. Out of the different brands I have sold and installed, the Trac Star is the only one that has worked every time without any problems. The Trac Star unit uses a very simple method for wiring. Their unit uses only an RG6 coaxial cable for the entire operation from the antenna to their inside unit. No other wires need to be run from the antenna to the inside. This means no drilling or trying to find a route for wires.  Their antennas track very well and they have good technical support with very knowledgeable people. Response from a phone call is quick, unlike any of the other satellite brands I have dealt with. The service and quality product is definitely worth the extra money.

If you are looking for a professional to install a TV Satellite system, please call Wilson RV at 888-800-7340

Quick Tips For Bringing Back Travel Photos

by The Editors at www.TakeBetterDigitalPhotos.com

Bring back photos your friends will beg to see.  Wouldn’t You Rather Wow! Them, Than Bore Them, With the Photos From Your Next Trip?

Your Advance Plan

Make sure your digital camera is in good working order before you go, and keep it in a water-and- shock-resistant case. Bring two sets of rechargeable batteries and don’t forget the charger and relevant cords, or if you’re packing light, a couple sets of high powered disposables.

You can never have too much memory. Packing an extra memory card is wise, as there is nothing worse than running out of room for pictures halfway down the Grand Canyon. Having a backup card also allows you to protect the spectacular, once-in-a-life-time shots from damage until you can get them transferred to permanent storage.

It may be tempting to lower the resolution so you can store more pictures, but you will regret this later as it may result in poorer quality prints, or you will be limited to smaller size prints. Set your camera at its highest quality JPEG setting and get more memory if you have to. You will appreciate this when you’re viewing and printing your photos after your trip.

Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot Some More

With a digital camera you can always erase the photos you don’t want. Take pictures of anything you find interesting and try to focus on some of the details such as: an attractive doorway or a colorful market, not just panoramic scenes or major landmarks.

Let your pictures tell a story by creating a visual diary of your trip. Include street scenes, interesting signs, people you see along the way. Barbados For variety take both vertical and horizontal pictures.

Get Personal

When taking people shots, don’t make the mistake of standing too far away. You want to be able to recognize the people in your photos. Get close enough so you can see the expressions on your subjects faces. Zoom in on individuals or capture them from the waist up. Pictures are often more interesting when you can catch people at candid, un-posed moments.

In posed photos, try to incorporate some of the background into your shot. Try snapping from interesting angles rather than simply head-on. Pycopengtili Remember the Rule-of-thirds and position the most important subject at an intersection of two lines or Power Point.

Outdoors or In, Get the Right Light

When photographing in bright sunlight, setting your camera’s fill or forced flash is very helpful, particularly when photographing people.

Brilliant sunlight often makes people’s faces look harsh, casting dark shadows under the eyes and accentuating wrinkles. The daytime fill-in flash will soften the lighting and make the images more flattering. Your family and friends in the photos will thank you!

Make it Last All Year

When you get home you can edit, crop and enhance your favorites using the photo editing software that came with your camera or a more advanced software like Foto Finish or Photoshop Elements. Consider adding drama to your images by turning some of your color photos into black and white or sepia tones and then upload all your images to an online photo printing service like Ofoto or Shutterfly for fast and convenient prints. Get more information on these and other services at: http://www.takebetterdigitalphotos.com/

You can take your best snaps and use your photo editing software to create a photo calendar or make photo cards for personal notes, or to email your favorites to family and friends.

Most of all, have fun with your camera this summer or whenever you get the chance to vacation!

You can take your best snaps and use your photo editing software to create a photo calendar or make photo cards for personal notes, or to email your favorites to family and friends.

Most of all, have fun with your camera this summer or whenever you get the chance to vacation!

About the Author

The Editors at http://www.TakeBetterDigitalPhotos.com are committed to bringing you the most useful information about the rapidly evolving field of digital photography from a hobbyist perspective. Visit the Quick Tips page at http://TAKEBETTERDIGITALPHOTOS.COM/Quick_Tips.html for techniques you can use at your next event or photo opportunity.

Grilling Vs. Smoking

Nothing beats the sizzle of the grill at the RV campsite.  Unless it’s the smell of the smoker going.

BBQ Grilling Versus Smoking – The Great Debate by Chris McCarthy

We all have heard about barbecuing, but we are unaware of the real tricks in it. Barbecuing is also a form of art. To a person who is new to this art may get confused, because cooking meat in an open fire is a really tricky method.

In order to get a really good and delicious bbq dish, one must have a lot of patience. Barbecuing can be done in two methods: through grilling and smoking. Grilling is the quickest method of cooking meat over a direct source of dry heat, whereas, smoking is a slow process, where the food is kept at a particular distance from the fire. Now let us take the two separately, to know the real processing.

BBQ Grilling

Grilling is of two types: direct and indirect. But before going into the details, let me tell you that there are three varieties of grills: charcoal grill, gas grill and electric grill. Charcoal grills are relatively inexpensive when compared to the other two. Now we’ll go back to the types of cooking. Direct method is a high heat method and is used for cooking relatively small pieces of food. Steaks, chops, chicken breasts, etc are some of the typical foods that can be grilled directly. In indirect method, as the name suggests, the food is kept to the side of the heat source. It is somewhat like baking a cake or such type of foods. web hosting server Now we will move on to smoking.

BBQ Smoking

Smoking is the finest way to cook food, even though it takes time. If grilling is best for cooking smaller pieces, smoking is best for cooking larger pieces. Roasts, ham, ribs, brisket, etc are some of the foods that can be smoked. One must maintain a steady temperature, to come up with a deliciously smoked food. asked synonym . The normal, suited temperature for smoking is between 200-225 degrees. If you cook the meat until it’s 165 degrees in the middle, it would make the meat more tastier, as the smoke flavour gets deep into it. For basic bbq smoking, you can use the regular grill. The only thing that one must be aware while smoking is, the selection of right type of wood. Because, each wood is different in its own way. So we have to experiment with all sorts of wood to find out which one is the best. Smokers may vary in shapes and sizes.T here are smokers running in gas and charcoal. But the heat coming from any type of smoker is a cooler one, which is why it takes a lot of time to smoke.

Now to end with it, barbecuing has to undergo one more process, that’s topping it with sauce. In fact it is the topmost ingredient, which one can’t omit while barbecuing. Types of sauce varies according to the region. If vinegar-base sauce is typical in Southern United States, tomato-base sauce is typical in Western United States. The best time to apply sauce is during the last stage of cooking. i.e., when you are sure that the meat is well cooked, because, sugar is one of the main ingredients in barbecue sauces and it tends to burn easily. So you must cook the meat before you burn the sugar.

About the Author

Chris McCarthy, the owner of the InsaneChicken website, and a bbq enthusiast. He had started this website, because of his intense love for bbq sauce. So checkout for more varieties of bbq sauces at Insanechicken.com

Do you have a great camp site recipe to share?  Post it in the comments.