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M&G Braking for RV Coaches with Air Brakes

M&G braking is a good choice for coaches with air brakes. The advantage M&G has over other braking units is inside the towed vehicle. There is nothing to install inside. The braking unit attaches to the brake master cylinder under the hood. … [Continue reading]

RV Basic Power – What you need to know.

This article is the first in an on-going RV Educational Series.  Each article is designed to help you get the most out of your RV An understanding of basic RV electric power is necessary before you take your first RV vacation. RV's have 3 power … [Continue reading]

RV Generators

There are several types of generators made. An RV generator must be used in any enclosed compartment. RV generators are set up with a cooling system, air intake, and exhaust system to follow code restrictions for RV's. Stand alone generators can not … [Continue reading]

Air Spring Kits – What you need to know

Suspension air springs are rubber bellows that hold air pressure. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available. Air springs are typically inserted inside of coil springs, or between leaf springs and the frame using brackets. Air springs … [Continue reading]

RV Refrigerator Repair

Is your RV Fridge in need of repair? Do you smell ammonia? There are several areas of an RV absorption type refrigerator that can cause failures. Most common failures are cooling units and electrical problems. The cooling unit is the part of the … [Continue reading]

Tow Lights and Wiring- Tail Lights

Now for the difficult part: Tail Lights. Tail lights are difficult for several reasons. Isolating the circuit from feedback using a diode will require splicing or running new wires to several locations. Typically installing a diode at one rear … [Continue reading]

Tow Lights and Wiring

There are several options for rear lights while towing. Light bars and separate lights are one method. Using the towed vehicles existing lights is another method. A light bar can be used if towing for a limited number of times. There is little … [Continue reading]

Air Brake Units For RV’s W/Full Air Brakes 

// // There are several braking units that will work with coach air brakes. This article explains Blue Ox's BrakeSafe and Roadmaster BrakeMaster units. These systems are quite simple and work very well, with the braking unit operating in tandem … [Continue reading]

RV Dinghy Towing

There are many things to think about when deciding what vehicle to tow behind an RV. Using an existing vehicle, finding an ideal tow vehicle, weight, braking, ease of use, and costs involved are all things to consider. In general, a vehicles … [Continue reading]

L.P. Safety

Liquid propane is referred to as L.P. L.P. is a fuel used in RV's to provide a flame for items such as stoves, heat absorption refrigerators, barbeque grills, hot water heaters, and furnaces. There are some basic guidelines that should be followed … [Continue reading]