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What’s that Rotten Egg Smell?? 11 steps to “Fresh Hot Water”

Leaving water with sulfur content in a water heater can cause rotten egg odor.RV Hot Water

11 steps to “Fresh Hot Water”

The proper procedure for tank flushing is as follows:

  1. Turn off the water supply (water pump and/or city water)
  2. Relieve all pressure by opening hot and cold water faucets or opening the water heater pressure-temperature relief valve
  3. Drain the water heater by removing the drain plug and then reinstall the plug
  4. Remove the pressure-temperature relief valve
  5. With a funnel add 4 parts of white vinegar to 2 parts water until full
  6. Reinstall the pressure-temperature relief valve
  7. Cycle the water heater, letting it run through a complete heating cycle 4 to 5 times
  8. Let the water cool down and then drain the water heater
  9. Flush the water heater with fresh water for 5 minutes by using city water or the fresh water tank with the pump. You can also remove the pressure-temperature relief valve and flush through that opening
  10. Reinstall the drain plug and pressure-temperature relief valve
  11. Refill the water heater with water not containing sulfur. Be certain the tank is full by purging air during filling by opening a hot water faucet until you see a steady flow. Do not run the water heater until the tank is completely full.